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10 Weeks

Interaction Design


Gorby is an app designed to facilitate smoking cessation through the use of the Gorb-E wearable. With it’s personalized design and ability to connect users throughout their individual journeys users will feel more in control of their decision to quit. Our product is a wearable device that works in tandem with our application to implement a system of empathic support and accountability. Our device would be gathering insights on our user’s physiological states to better help them understand their unique triggers In their day to day life.


Every aspect of the Gorby app was designed with the user in mind, while focusing on the most vital facet of recovery: empathy. Our research found that the most effective methods of sobriety relied on the users being allowed to empathize with other users or peers who held them accountable. 

Image by Lê Tit
Image by VapeClubMY


Those recovering from a vaping or smoking addiction 

Our target audience for this project was those between 18 to 24, typically those who have graduated from high school and are young working adults. We found though research that this target audience has a higher risk of developing a vaping or smoking addiction due to the stress levels and social situations that this group experiences.  

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After conducting primary and secondary research, ideation, testing physical and digital prototypes. we were able to make some important data driven final changes to produce our final results. Gorby, a wearable device that works in tandem with our application to implement a system of empathic support and accountability with the help from our avatar Gorby. Gorby is designed to gather insights on our user’s physiological states to better help them understand their unique triggers In their day to day life all while keeping then accountable. Additional ways users can stay accountable is by meeting people within the social form or having your friends download the application to receive when smoke is detected near you. 

Home: The Gorby Lobby

  • On the home page you can Gain more Gorby’s in lobby by using the social form. The Looby is primary interaction on the home page


  • Use the Whistle to call all the Gorby's to attention 


  • You can have a maximum of 15 Gorby’s in your lobby. The Gorby's that are displayed in your lobby are people you meet in the form and the people you are real friends with that download the app


  • Using the Airplane button will display a list of people that are in your lobby. Here is where you can start chat messages with them

Social Forum 

Feed shows a list of everyone that your are following, people that are supporting you and other people that you added from this page.

See all the posts from your network the additional people you are follow and the posts from topics you are following.

Network will display all of your current friends filtering by "Friends" and "Forum Users"

Data Analysis

Display your mood by using the daily log that will evaluate your physical and mental status. A Blue Ring under GORBY will display there are new insights to review. 

The smoke tab will display when smoke was detected. You can review all of your notifications when smoke was detected. If no smoke is detected for 3 days you will start a streak. 

You can review your pin pointed location when triggers have been identified. By clicking on the pin you can review the trigger and add additional insights. 

Avatar Menu

Check out your achievements and your level by viewing your Avatar. Through user testing we discovered that users “Appreciate the fact that it not only tracks my information but it can also help motivate me to achieve milestones”

You can Customize your Gorby avatar with unique accessories which include glasses, socks, shoes, shirts and colors.

Physical Protoype

Heart Rate Sensor

Smoke Detection Sensor

Skin Condensation Sensor

Trigger Button 

Working Prototype 

With this working prototype by using Arduino, we can see how the heart rate sensor, smoke detection sensor, sweat condensation sensor, and trigger button will work. 

Gorby - E Renders

Gorby - E will be paired by bluetooth with you phone to provide real time data. This allows users to understand instantly when they may be experiencing a trigger. The wearable provides a discreet way to track your trigger and help the users get through them. After experiencing a trigger the user can review them in the application and add additional insights.


To view our full project and process book click here, or on the poster.

Video Video.png


This project challenged me as I was the project lead of a team of eight members. Being the project lead I had to manage and communicate with my teammates so we would produce the best possible solution. With eight members in the team we had a lot of unique skills that we could leverage. By utilizing these skills and staying in communication we created a fully prototypes application, renders of our wearable, a working prototype of our wearable, and a vision video.

Group Members:




Satchel Hallmark



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