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Group Project 


10 Weeks

Interaction Design

The Problem

Public spaces are difficult for those with autism because of social stigma, neurotypical standards, and lack of accommodations leaving them without a safe space that considers their individual sensory needs.

The Solution

We are a subscription based service of private sensory spaces in public areas, where autistic individuals indiscriminate of age can schedule a personalized experience with curated activities to accommodate to their sensory needs.

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After conducting primary and secondary research, a week look sprint, ideation, and lastly our low, mid, and high-fi prototypes with user testing we were able to make some final changes to produce our final results, CORA, a wearable smart sleeve that provides muscle activation data, paired with a mobile application that connects athletes with their physical trainer, sports psychologist, and coach to create a seamless at-home physical therapy experience.

Color assigned team members (PT, Sports Psych, and Coach) paired with a calendar making it easy for athletes to stay on top of their recovery plan

See your daily tasks for the day to help you stay on track

Schedule an in person appointment or call

Track recovery stage and goals set by Physical Therapist

Direct message your PT, Sports Psych, and Coach at anytime in the app.



Exercise Set Progression

Live muscle activation and rep counter while doing exercises

Connect your Cora smart sleeve directly through the app

See assigned physical therapy exercises from your PT

Physical Tab:

During exercises Cora can provide suggestions using real time data to make sure athletes are getting the most out of their exercises

Overall muscle activation and completed reps for each set

Pain scale to provide feedback to PT

Muscle Heat Map

Individual muscle goals and current activation 

Goal gradient for reaching recovery goals

Information Visualization

Daily mental survey for provide athletes data on how their feeling during recovery.

Toolbox to provide athletes mental resources during recovery

Mental Health Tab:

Goal gradient for reaching mental goals

Pain scale information visualization

Information visualization using data from daily survey


To view our full project and process book click here, or on the poster.


This project really hit home for me because I was a student athlete who had to step away from a sport that I loved due to injuries. After multiple iterations we developed a product that works seamlessly with our app, I believe that the smart compression sleeve best alines with our users needs. Our product not only addresses the physical health of athletes but also mental health by pairing athletes with a sports psychologist. 

Group Members:




Satchel Hallmark

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